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Features of electric charger

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1 the charger has three kinds of state control, manual, automatic and short, the operation is more flexible.

A) automatic state, the charger can according to the operation of the internal combustion engine, automatic switch working state and automatically completed a battery of access (short circuit), broken without charging the whole process that does not increase the intensity of the work of the staff.
B) manual state, regardless of whether or not to start the generator, can be forced the chargers work in the state of charge and the function for in locomotive maintenance maintenance period, the battery maintenance and maintenance, without the use of additional charging equipment, through the maintenance used 110V external power supply circuit, battery charging maintenance is complete.
C) short-circuit state, in the failure of the charger or don't need the charger, isolation, charger, restore the original line of locomotive, regardless of the charger has any situation, can guarantee the normal operation of locomotive state

 2 comes with the LED voltage and current display, easy to monitor the status of the charger work.

3 compact size, easy to install.
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