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Jinan E-Shine Electronics Co., Ltd Committed to all kinds of high quality charging equipment,Company products using advanced switching power technology,
small size, light weight conversion efficiency can be as high as 93%, with fast charging, energy saving and so on.

Products using aluminum alloy shell, design aesthetic generous, stable quality, durable, all intelligent control, easy to use. All products of our company are certified by CE.

E-Shine electronics based on intelligent electric equipment and the Internet, to provide customers with high-quality charging equipment and other products, all products are certified by the international authority of the charging service testing institutions. In a number of regions across the country to establish a service outlets.
E-Shine keep in mind the customer first service concept, adhere to customer demand for their own responsibility, time to grasp the latest technology industry, to provide customers with the most intelligent, the most high-quality charging equipment.
  • Charging process of lithium battery charger

    No power when the LED lamp on the circuit board is not bright The power supply is connected with the circuit board, and the green LED continues to shine, and the circuit board is waiting for the lithium battery to put in. After the lithium battery i...

  • Lithium battery charger

    Lithium battery charger is designed to be used as a charger for charging lithium ion batteries. Li ion battery charger for higher requirements, the need to protect the circuit, so the lithium battery charger usually have a high degree of control preci...

  • The use and maintenance of the charger

    The AC power outlet must match the AC power plug charger. The AC voltage should be relatively stable, the change should not exceed 220V 10 range. Charging operation procedures: A, the power supply lock switch B, charging plug and body charging socke...

E-Shine for the electric vehicle battery charging and temperature characteristics of the production of a new generation of intelligent charger
with pulse maintenance, pulse repair temperature compensation and other characteristics. High and new technology in one of the charger can be charged pool to reduce fever, reduce water loss, avoid charging drum, greatly extend the battery life.
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