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The use and maintenance of the charger

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The AC power outlet must match the AC power plug charger.
The AC voltage should be relatively stable, the change should not exceed 220V 10 range.
Charging operation procedures: A, the power supply lock switch B, charging plug and body charging socket C, power supply plug and the city electric socket.
The charger connected to the power, when the wiring is correct power indicator lights, 1-30A charging current indicating lamp bright road, a constant charge, two ways of constant charge indicating lamp is bright. The charging time is better than 10 hours in the state of deficiency.
The charging process changes are as follows: the first stage constant current 25A charging 6 hours; in the second stage, the constant voltage charging 3 hours or so; finally entered the stage of floating charge, at this time, floating lights, charging current indicating lamps lit only 1-2 only, the fan stops rotating. The inclusion of light into the floating stage that has sufficient battery power.
Sixthly, until the battery is fully charged, or any need to shutdown must first disconnect the electrical input power, then disconnect the connection between the charger and the battery.
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