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Lead acid battery water loss reason

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Electrolyte in the lead acid battery is as valuable as the blood in the human body, once the electrolyte is lost, it means that the battery is dead. The electrolyte is composed of dilute sulfuric acid and water. Charging process, it is difficult to avoid water loss, charging mode is not the same, the loss of water is not the same. The common three stage charging mode, the water loss in the process of charging is two times more than Colin pulse mode! In addition to the natural life of battery and a battery life of water: water loss of more than 90 grams, battery scrap. At room temperature (25 C), loss of normal charger is about 0.25 grams, 0.12 grams and Colin pulse. At high temperature (35 DEG C), loss of normal charger is 0.5 grams, 0.23 grams and Colin pulse. According to this calculation, the common charger in the water filling dry after 250 cycles, and Colin pulse in water will be filled dry after 600 cycles. Therefore, Colin pulse can lengthen the battery life more than doubled.
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